Jimmy Insulin believes one-on-one support is essential for the physical, mental, social, and emotional well being of those with diabetes. People with diabetes can have a better way to transition and live in their new world by interacting with those who have been previously diagnosed.

Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of anyone touched by this condition. Jimmy Insulin guides those with diabetes and their caregivers through their individual journey.

No one with diabetes will feel isolated as long as Jimmy Insulin exists.

Based in Chicago, Jimmy Insulin is a completely free service that initiates invaluable connections between diabetes support-seekers and diabetes guides. One-on-one relationships offer a diabetes beginner the opportunity to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is closely familiar with their experience. In addition to connecting those with diabetes, Jimmy Insulin also links caregivers. A friend or family member who is supporting someone with diabetes is able to benefit from a connection with another caregiver in a similar situation.

Jimmy Insulin aims to make everyone's journey with diabetes one that is highly supported, encouraged, positive, and inspirational.